Telescopic Gates

Product Description

Telescopic Gates basically allow twice the opening width into half the space. For example if you had a four metre opening but only two metres of run off area with a standard sliding gate there is simply no way. Using the telescopic gate kit allows the four metres to slide neatly behind the two metre run off area leaving your four metres clear. They are known requires only half the space as a one gate panel slides behind the other so they work like a telescope.

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  • accessory 1

    Needle Bearing

  • accessory 2

    Ball Bearing

  • accessory 3

    Bearing Wheel for Round Tracks

  • accessory 5

    Bearing Wheel for Round Tracks

  • accessory 4

    Wheels with Steel External Plate

  • accessory 5

    Bearing Wheel with Internal Plate

  • accessory 6

    Upper guide with four adjustable nylon olives

  • accessory 7

    Adjustable upper guide with four nylon olives

  • accessory 8

    Galvanized stopper, welding type - For sliding

  • accessory 9

    2099 V
    Ditto screwing type

Pensil Sketch

Sample 1

AutoCAD Drawing

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Sample 3