Sliding Gates

Product Description

Sliding gate is a type of gate which opens horizontally by sliding, whereby the gate is either mounted on or suspended from a track. When there is no room for the swing of a hinged gate, the best would be to go for a Sliding Gate. It can either travel on rollers suspended from an overhead track (Top Hung) or tracks or guides along the floor. Both single- and double-slash versions are used; depending on how wide an entry is desired. It’s easy to operate and saves space.

Power Gate’s Sliding Gates can be made using Timber, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium or any other combination of those.The color, texture, thickness is at clients decision.We use standard measure to prevent corrosion in any such material we use.The Timber we use is again treated to its best standards ( please refer FAQ).

Sliding Gates can be doubled leaf or single leaf.The height & the width is clients requirement.Our Automation solution can motorize gates upto 4000kg and the width of the gate is again at the clients requirement. Gate Motors have the highest safety standards & security features.We offer, high quality products, after sales service & warranty.

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  • accessory 1

    Needle Bearing

  • accessory 2

    Ball Bearing

  • accessory 3

    Bearing Wheel for Round Tracks

  • accessory 5

    Bearing Wheel for Round Tracks

  • accessory 4

    Wheels with Steel External Plate

  • accessory 5

    Bearing Wheel with Internal Plate

  • accessory 6

    Upper guide with four adjustable nylon olives

  • accessory 7

    Adjustable upper guide with four nylon olives

  • accessory 8

    Galvanized stopper, welding type - For sliding

  • accessory 9

    2099 V
    Ditto screwing type

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