Swing Gates

Product Description

It could be Single leaf gates or double leaf gates.Opening span will depend on each clients requirement. We always try to make the gate to provide maximum vehicular access, making the swing gate ideal protection for all sorts of sites such as houses, offices, schools, student accommodation. Smooth, reliable and easy to use, the gates can be controlled manually as well as by a wide range of access control systems.

Power Gate Swing gates are Custom designed & built to suit individual applications, made using finest material & adjustable bearing hinges giving the gate a smooth & easy operation.

Material for the gate is decided by client.We can make gates using a varierty of timeber . steel or any other client may require.We always use highes mechanisms to prevent corriotion & any damage to wood.

Power Gate ‘s swing gate motor solution will give highest safety, security & user friendly access to your door with remotes.

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  • accessory 1

    Upper Bearing Hing

  • accessory 2

    Lower Bearing Hing

  • accessory 4

    Screwing Type Bearing Hing (Upper/Lower)

  • accessory 6

    Gate Stop - Sealing Type

  • accessory 7

    Gate Stop - Screwing Type

  • accessory 8

    Gate Stop - Sealing Type

  • accessory 9

    Gate Stop - Screwing Type

Pensil Sketch

Swing Pencil Sketch

AutoCAD Drawing

Swing AutoCAD