The Company

Our gates are not 'off the shelf’; they are designed and built in-house to suit your exact requirements. Your choice of span, height, infill, color and accessories. Our experience and expertise will deliver this. If you have a budget to work to, we will see what we can produce to achieve this. As a design and build company, we aim to give the customer what he wants, when he wants it.

We do commercial gates as well as domestic. What ever it would be we provide a unique design and a robust mechanism with best service standards.

Now you are talking about some of the best gates in the industry! Tried, tested, proven, safety aware and reliable, these are the qualities of our gates. They are usually custom built to your exact size, height, infill, finish, control and price.

Experts in Swing Gates, Sliding Gates, Folding Gates, Telescopic Gates, Roller Shutters, Roller Doors, Overhead Doors, Automatic road & traffic Barriers, Automatic Doors, Bollards, Accessories.

A company constantly on the move, we introduce Power Gate and it’s wording itself tells you that we will provide you the internationally recognized brands of Automation for all types of gates.

Power Gate wants to achieve a sustained, profitable growth by developing and delivering range of automations to Sri Lankan market that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of selected set of customers who will seek for quality & service. Power Gate International (Pvt) Ltd., is based on “TRUST”. We deliver what we promise!!! With a verity of internationally recognized brands where deferent technology originated by various countries having unique set of features that will provide you the opportunity to select what suits your requirements and budget. We provide you accurate information on all brands, as we look forward for a long term relationship.

Power Gate International Tau - Moving Life

Maintenance & Aftercare

Failure to maintain your equipment could have a detrimental effect on its performance and operational life. Our product is like buying a new car – despite having a guarantee; it still has to be serviced regularly. We strongly suggest that if you do not undertake your own maintenance work, please let us work with you to preserve the life of you new product. A few rupees spent will save you several hundred in the future.

We offer 2 or 4 service visits per annum. Co-ordinated from our office ,at each visit our experienced staff will check, test and lubricate the equipment fully, ensuring the equipment is left in full working order whilst timber sections & steel units of the gates will also be looked after.

Any potential problems are noted to the client and any replacement parts required are fitted only on the client’s instructions.

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