Folding Swing Gates

Product Description

Manual or Electric, Folding Swing or Folding Sliding Gates are used in applications where space is limited or restricted. Each leaf section includes locking or latching facilities to ensure the whole gate assembly remains sturdy at all times. Power Gate gives it a constant and trouble free use, even at the most arduous sites.

Folding gate could be double leaf or multiple leaves & we attempt to give it maximum vehicular access, while making it a security element. Though the mechanism looks complicated Power Gate makes Smooth, reliable and easy to use, gates which can be controlled by a wide range of access control

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  • accessory 1

    Upper Bearing Hing

  • accessory 2

    Lower Bearing Hing

  • accessory 4

    Screwing Type Bearing Hing (Upper/Lower)

  • accessory 6

    Gate Stop - Sealing Type

  • accessory 7

    Gate Stop - Screwing Type

  • accessory 8

    Gate Stop - Sealing Type

  • accessory 9

    Gate Stop - Screwing Type

Pensil Sketch

Sample 1

AutoCAD Drawing

Sample 2


Sample 3