Round The Corner Gates

Product Description

The Round the corner gates are all in house produced by us as a complete unit assembled in a controlled environment and are always made to measure. It will have a sealed bottom seal with the bottom edge of the garage door closer to the finished floor level. And the door panels are top hung the bottom roller is only acting as a guide for the bottom part of the door panels.

Round the corner gates can be produced in any material you may want. Timber, Aluminum, Steel etc…either system can be automated very easily and safely. Round the corner gates can go up to very large sizes indeed. They are made to suit larger returns to maximize inside space in the garage. False walls and shelving are available to make use of the wall the Gate opens against if required.

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  • accessory 1

    Top Hung Track

  • accessory 2

    Double Bearing Hanger

  • accessory 10

    Angle Plate

  • accessory 11

    Adjustable Apron

  • accessory 13

    'U' Plate for Top Fixing

  • accessory 11

    Bottum Track

  • accessory 3

    Intermediate Bottom Guide

  • accessory 4

    Offset Bottom Guide

  • accessory 1

    Intermediate hanger with hinge

  • accessory 8

    Jointing bracket

  • accessory 9

    Galvanised curve. Radius

  • accessory 10

    Galvanised curve for U-profile

  • accessory 11

    Angle steel for curve,

Pensil Sketch

Round the Corner Pencil Sketch

AutoCAD Drawing

Round the Corner Auto CAD


Round the Corner Finish

How It Works

How Works Round the Corner