Cantilever Gates

Product Description

  • There is no track on the ground.
  • The tubular track is either welded or screwed to the gate.
  • The gate slides on two carriages, which are fixed on a concrete block located on the push back side.
  • According to the opening position of the gate, the carriages are in contact with either the upper or the lower part of the track to ensure a perfect balance.
  • The wheels are in constant contact with the top and the bottom of the track limiting the clearance to a minimum (PAF series).
  • PAF series carriages are strongly recommanded for motorized gates.

Product Advantages

  • No track on the ground.
  • No concrete tie-beam is required to install or support the track
  • The only construction work consists in the concrete block.
  • No risk of wear or deformation of the track due to the passage of lorries.
  • No risk of ground deformation due to the weather changes.
  • No obstruction of the track trough dust, gravel, stone chips
  • The gate can be installed on a non-stabilized ground (grass, gravel, mould...).
  • The ground can be not perfectly horizontal.

Sample Projects

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3


  • accessory 1

    Upper Guide

  • accessory 2

    End Wheels

  • accessory 3

    Bottom End Guides

  • accessory 4


  • accessory 5

    Galvanized Steel for Carriages

  • accessory 8

    Galvanized stopper, welding type - For sliding

  • accessory 9

    2099 V
    Ditto screwing type

  • Pensil Sketch

    Sample 1

    AutoCAD Drawing

    Sample 2