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A company constantly on the move, celebrating 30 years of history and always looking forward to the future: for two generations, innovation and research have been the DNA of TAU. Each TAU product is the result of the application of the newest technologies to a very simple idea: make everyday life a little easier. While browsing through our website, you will discover a wide range of sliding and swing gate operators, garage door openers, traffic barriers, automatic doors, parking guards, tubular motors, rolling shutter motors and window openers.


TAU unveils the new family of controllers “DIAMOND”.
Based on the innovative technology “ADAPTA”, the new family of electronic control units provides superior performances and capabilities to a wide range of TAU DC Gate Operators and Barriers.

Among the functional highlights are:

Technology “Adapta”: the microprocessor acquires and monitors the data from the gate operator and, in case of changes due to seasonal climate conditions or to the wear and tear of the operator is capable to make adaptive decisions and adjust the working parameters in real time

Solar-Friendly Technology: the electronic control boards of the “DIAMOND” family have been developed to minimize power consumption during standby times in order to increase battery life and optimize solar performances

Technology Made Easy: the technology of the electronic control boards of the “DIAMOND” family is designed with simplicity in mind: easy to install, user-friendly interface, easy to operate. Its innovative one-touch system makes programming the easiest task.

Advanced Users: thanks to the TAUPROG handheld device a wide range of operating parameters can be adjusted to fit individual requirement.

State of the art: the new family of controllers “DIAMOND” come packed with useful functions such as on-board battery charger, 2-channel radio receiver, soft-start, soft-stop, intelligent obstacle detection, vehicle and pedestrian opening, adjustable auto close, diagnostic center, digital limit switches and much more.

LUXE automatic barrier and EASY12QR electromechanical gate operator with encoder (see pages 88 and 44) are the first TAU products to adopt such technology. The new family of controllers “DIAMOND” will progressively power all TAU DC Gate Operators and Barriers.